3 a.m. with nightmares about oversized snakes
All my demons on a mission to keep me awake
The audio bible with the gospel on full blast
I’m praying none of these attacks last
Bryn still too busy to respond
Beauty Beyond Bones still as pretty as ever
Amanda still a little conceited and blonde
Mari still looking for someone to love forever
I’m not lonely but I feel like I’m getting close
Funny how you can never have the ones you love the most
I think that might be my part of my problem
I never let myself get attached or say I need them
Conversations about drama and stuff you can’t afford
And you wonder why we’ll never be a thing
Distancing myself to keep from telling you I’m bored
Word of advice, a lack of substance ruins everything
Begging God to protect me from the devil and his demons
I swear they want to kill me, they just need a reason
Apologizing to The Lord for not keeping in touch
Funny how things start going to Hell when you don’t pray as much

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