Still waiting on Bryn to get back to me
Still waiting for that “I’m bored” text from Mari
Mike counting down the days till he comes back to the States
My cousin second guessing his proposal and setting the date
Ashlei letting it all hang out on Instagram
If you didn’t know her you’d think she didn’t have a man
Jack driving around in the Range like, “What’s good fam”
My brother preaching, “Get as much money as you can”
Summer classes and eight something an hour
Society like dreams are cool but money is power
But I don’t buy it, I no showed and quit
I’d rather die looking for my purpose then asking people if their jeans fit
Street photography during the day and poetry at night
Trying to find a way to use them to earn money
Thinking about God, wondering I’m gonna be alright
Hoping stay true to myself is really what’s best for me

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