Peace and Love


Told God I was sorry for being so distant
Believe me when I say it can all end in an instant
Just ask the unfortunate fifty from Orlando
Ask them if they knew it was their time to go
But don’t stop there, ask the ones who didn’t make the news
Ask all the unfortunate good kids in the hood
The ones getting shot over dirty looks and shoes
My brothers out there like, “I wish a nigga would”
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying one is more important than the other
My prayers go out to every brother, sister, father and mother
No one should ever have to go before their time
No one should ever lose a love one to someone not in their right mind
Christians behind church walls talking about the last days
Judging the world like they’re so much better off
A bunch of Pharisees stuck in their ways
Making sly comments behind your back or with a cough
But I’m ;ooking for people who want change, peace, and love
I’m looking for Christians who actually act like the Holy One Above
But the more I look the less I find
And the more I ask God for help the more I lose my mind

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