In the South


Feminist on the internet calling me misogynistic
Girls with daddy issues if we’re just being realistic
Not to mention things are different down here
It’s every heart for itself, we don’t shed tears
Don’t believe me, just ask your girlfriend and best friend
Ask them what they were doing while you watching her kid
Bet they act like they didn’t hear you and make you say it again
Bet they tell you everything besides what they actually did
Funny how it’s “Freedom of speech” until someone’s gets offended
Funny how being honest is the reason why a lot of friendships have ended
But somehow we’re the bad guys, we’re the ones the need to apologize
Somehow we’re just supposed to overlook all your issues and lies
The media is no better, double standards for days
Exploiting blacks but crucifying anyone who talks about women or gays
The truth replaced for being politically correct
And you wonder why we think voting is a waste of time
Obsessed with pointless trends and whatever’s next
And you wonder nothing with substance ever crosses our mind

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