These Girls


Bryn one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen
Beauty Beyond Bones like someone out of a dream
Emily out there playing for the other team
Ryn still trying to figure out what my poems mean
This girl at the gym always trying to get chose
The finest one and she makes sure everyone knows
Walking around in all those super tight clothes
Maybe I should just say something and see where it goes
My brother told me it’s just a numbers game
Told me not to trip if some say they don’t feel the same
Said he couldn’t remember a few of their names
Said he was changing his major and selling out for fame
But I’ve never been savage or a sell out
I took a chance and asked Bryn out
She still hasn’t decided, I’m starting to doubt
Anticipation thinning my patience out
5am and I’m up talking reckless
Mari saying she wants the type of guy who’ll make her breakfast
The same girl breaking hearts and taking names
Playing good guys like pieces on board games
Until she meets the one who doesn’t thinks she’s all that and treats her the same


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