Our truth


My brother obsessed with beautiful women and a lot of cash
Talking about how all he wants to do is spend money and “smash”
The perfect example of an African American male
A stereotype our society is always so eager to sell
Another story we’re always so eager to tell
The government steady setting us up to fail
How else does automatic weapons and cocaine end up in the hood
Politicians running for office saying they’d change that if they could
Lies reworded to inspire us to go out and vote
But I listen close and make a mental note
You take shots for the pain, I take shots at your pride
Writing spoken word to expose everything you’ve been keeping inside
The furthest thing from the stereotype or average
Got the girls out here calling us savage
But if we’re all being honest they’re a lot worst than us
I can’t remember the last time I met a girl I could trust
Just ask the girl with “always and all ways” on her necklace
The type of guy to buy you things and make you breakfast
But it’s never good enough, no love or loyalty
Just ask that one girl I tried to marry
But back to this black and white business
Lets talk about how you win more and we win less
Lets talk about how the white girls who don’t like black guys
And the white guys who truly believe 7.25 an hour is enough to get by
Lets talk about why we keep killing each other
Lets talk about why all the sisters end up single mothers


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