Generation Savage


Amanda in the DR showing off her body again
My brother closing in for the win
Light skin girls like, “Naw nigga. Try again”
My generation addicted to likes and living in sin
But play hard to get and they’ll fall for it
Reject them and they’ll be all for it
Until they find the texts from other girl and pull a knife
It’s all fun and games until you’re begging for your life
And you thought black and Mexicans were crazy
White girls catch jungle fever then all of a sudden it’s “call me, maybe”
All of a sudden they want to be called wifey and baby
At least until you hit hard times and don’t have as much money
It sounds bad so they try to play it off and deny
But we’ve been played enough times to know it’s all a lie
Acting like we don’t see them when they walk by
Just to laugh at them when they try to figure out why
From the good guys to ones they love and hate
From no response to someone they’d date
And I bet you most of those women are white
Awkward silence because you know I’m right
Black girls like, “But that’s what y’all like”
It’s true but we’re all still like, “Sike!”


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