When Black


Trying to understand black on black violence
Trying to understand why we lack so much common sense
Other races always seem to be there for each other
We’re the only ones that can’t seem to get it together
Brothers all too quick to shoot and kill one another
The consequence of being raised by single mothers
No identity and no reason to live
No reason for the struggles so no reason to forgive
Obsessed with automatic weapons and getting high
Addicted to selling drugs and sex to get by
Had a friend on house arrest when we were thirteen
Had a cousin who never saw twenty
And people wonder why we always look mean
I thank God nothing ever happened to me
The good kid always at church or school
The smart kid who couldn’t have cared less about being cool
Walking home from basketball practice in the rain
Sixteen thinking about all the suffering and pain
No drugs, guns or gangs; I was too afraid
Alive and well years later proving it was the best decision I could’ve made
Don’t get me wrong I love my people more than they’ll ever know
But I couldn’t get caught up, I had to go
Now all I want to do is tell them there’s a better way
And that it’s not too late, they could start today
Preaching the Good News and doing the right thing
Telling them peace and happiness are worth more than everything


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