Putting dreams first and reality second
Raised in a place where people were quick to pull a weapon
Act brand new and you’d learn your lesson
The preacher like, “Come and get your blessing”
A skull tattoo with a cross on the forehead
For the time I tried to make the grave my bed
Another young African American male in the south
Always getting in trouble for running his mouth
Asking God for the meaning of life and my purpose
Girls treating love and loyalty like they’re worthless
Wondering why good things always come to an end
My mom like, I thought Mari was your friend
No hard feelings, it just wasn’t meant to be
I’ve never been one for dysfunction and insecurity
Counting all the scars from going the extra mile
I’m not saying I’ll never trust again but it’ll be a while
Arguing with myself about who I’m supposed to be
Praying to God begging Him to answer me


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