Things on my mind


Convinced the devil is after me
Convinced greatness is tied to my destiny
Thoughts making me question and second-guess
Trying my best to be at peace and worry less
Praying for power, love and a sound mind
While daydreaming about what it’s like Heaven
Sincerely hoping there’s still hope for mankind
Wishing for it every eleven-eleven
Still trying to get over my little crush on Sydnee
Still trying figure out what’s going on with Mari
Hungout with Stephanie the other day
The only one who didn’t change when feelings got in the way
Said she’s been working out and letting her hair grow
Little does she know she’s perfect as she is
Little does she know how little she knows
Society telling women they have to look like that and do this
Politicians oppressing the less fortunate and staring wars
Keeping us distracted with celebrities and final scores
Athletes shooting for life while soldiers shoot to survive
I pray for day we promote peace instead of keep our agendas alive

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