As of late


Church people saying I’m too religious and legalistic
But a lot of them aren’t really Christians if we’re being realistic
Forced handshakes and fake smiles after service
Mari acting like I am the way I am on purpose
Begging God for a heart that actually feels
I won’t lie; I’ve changed since U of H spring 14
I admit I no longer think true love is real
I can’t but help but question everything
Sydnee says she’s been off and on with another guy
Melanie on the phone trying her best not to cry
Talking about having a mid life crises at 23
Married with two kids and the desire to be free
Haven’t heard from Ryn and don’t think I ever will
Funny how everyone disappears when you keep it real
My words and rhymes cutting just little too deep
All my failures and mistakes making it harder to fall asleep
Meanwhile so-called poets are killing the art
Writing poems with no meaning or one too hard to find
Academics trying their hand at poetry just because they’re smart
The real artists putting pen to page to keep from losing their mind
Thoughts too loud to keep to myself
Opinions you’ll never get me take back
Playing parent; putting poetry on the top shelf
Treating everyone like kids; “You don’t play with that”
Making everyone else laugh since I can’t
Staying up late to give my followers another rant
Wondering if they actually to take the time to read
Or if they just like the picture and let the words get lost in the feed

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