“I thought about you the other day”


Thinking about my friends as storm clouds move closer
Sometimes how easy it is to lose touch really makes me wonder
I remember when Mike and I would talk about being Navy Seals
Back when hope and possibilities were real
Now I hear he’s married and a soldier in the Army
Meanwhile I’m hours away getting my degree
Ryn and I are better but still don’t talk much
Mari got offended and lost her cool yesterday
Stephanie graduated and I’m scared she won’t keep in touch
She’s never been the type to go out of her way
I still secretly have a crush on Sydnee
But so do about a hundred other guys
Honestly she’ll probably always be too good for me
That girl is more amazing then people realize
Personality as pretty as her eyes
She’s of the type of girl you better yourself for
The type that deserves your best if not more
Forever the nice guy that finishes last
Scars on top of scars but that’s all in the past
I just forgive and try my best forget
Knowing one day being it’ll all be worth it

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