And another personal note


Staying off Instagram and praying a lot
Followers making their lives look like something they’re not
Friends posting posts talking about how they happy are
Spending their savings on trips to Vegas or a new car
Read a scripture that said anything is possible if I believe
Said all I needed was faith and no sign of doubt
Thankful for everyday I wake up able to breath
Lords knows if I went to Heaven now I’d get kicked out
In desperate need of more grace and mercy
My shortcomings forever branding me unworthy
Good thing The Lord is forgiving
Good thing His Word is living
Working on being more understanding and patient
Asking God to make me more loving and wise
But it’s hard when people insist on pushing you to the limit
With all their feelings, schemes and lies
God saying Love you neighbor as yourself
But what happens if you don’t love yourself
What if the people you thought loved you don’t
What if all the people you thought would help won’t
From wanting a better life to a comletely new one
One with real friends and family
People who actually apologize for stuff they’ve done
And actually take the time to care about me

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