Ryn sharing all her thoughts and opinions
I really wish she wasn’t so emotionally driven
Passive aggressive remarks and the need to be right
Exactly how it was when her and her ex would fight
Mari saying we shouldn’t have been talking in the first place
I mean she has a boyfriend anyway
If I had a dollar for every time she tried to save face
Miss happily taken but still messaged me everyday
Up later than usual talking reckless
Remember the time I gave Katie the necklace
It had two pieces, remember the part I carried
I wonder if she still has it now that she’s married
Remember when I bought Nadia the ring
We broke up a couple days later
She’s probably always be my everything
I could never hate her
Sometimes the one is just another one
Sometimes commitment is replaced with alcohol and fun
Sometimes their parents just don’t approve
And you suffer from severe depression and have to move
Halfway across the country and I still felt the same
Suicidal thoughts and a full prescription
Feeling like life was more like Hell than a game
To stay or to leave was an easy decision
The present with a side of the past
A story of how good things never last
From the ones you love without condition to your friends
Life eventually changes them and ends

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