The Group


The other day Mari laughed and called me savage
I guess I’m just tired of being last and average
Angel talking about how no one really comes around
She said a lot of things changed when I left town
Next week Taylor and Geof get their degrees
Remember the times we’d come and go as we pleased
Leslie and Tressa have their own place and careers
Remember when we’d talk about life over a couple of beers
Convinced we were going to be different and great
Motivated to make something of ourselves before it was too late
Then time and people started to change
From “friends forever” to “they’ve been acting strange”
The grapevine full of rumors and miscommunication
An order of petty accusations with a side of exaggeration
And we’re back to being a couple of misunderstood strangers
The result of being passive and dishonest
By now you’d think we’d know the dangers
Now all we have is everything we forgot we promised

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