In the city full of love no one can find
It’s 11pm and there’s no one on my mind
I used to think I was better off alone
I used to think love was something I’d outgrown
But lately the silence has been getting to me
Thinking back to when I used to live with Katie
That was the probably the best time of my life
A little longer and she probably would’ve been my wife
Now the only one keeping me company is Ryn
She’d be perfect if she wasn’t happily taken
Mari, on the other hand, is always down to chill
I just can’t get over how she may or may not feel
Unwilling to commit to anything or make ties
I’m left with memories and these four walls
All my good times ruined by indecision and lies
I’m still waiting for the day Nadia calls
The one who left and took my heart with her
The ones who looked good together
Now all I have is city lights and highways
Love based on how much your nine to five pays


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