Everything’s still the same, I haven’t changed much
I’m still the guy who doesn’t care if we don’t keep in touch
I lost a lot of friends due to being real and a lack of patience
Called them out and haven’t spoken to any of them since
But with you things were different and complicated
I’ve never been one for feelings even the ones that matter
It’s like you were hell bent on doing things you knew I hated
Forcing me to say things I’d have to apologize for after
Wording the truth in a way I knew would get to you
I’ll never understand why we do the things we do
A passive aggressive remark for every hurt feeling
But I’ve never been one to entertain stuff with no meaning
I just couldn’t take the dysfunction anymore
I had to distance myself even it made me look like a hypocrite
The one always preaching not giving up and being honest more
I just couldn’t deal with the feelings you’ll probably never admit
And please don’t be prideful and tell me I’m wrong
I can’t stand when you get defensive and try to act strong
By the way, tell Steph she can text me when she’s done with the games
And tell Simone when she gets over herself she can do the same
But tell your mom I miss her; that woman’s amazing
I remember the time she had us organize those boxes
It was the middle of summer and that garage was blazing
You say I don’t care but I remember all our good times and loses
Captain America comes out soon, if you want to see it we can go
But you know I love the previews so none of that running late and walking slow
If not I hope you accepted this explanation and believed it
And if you’ve moved on I hope this gave you the closure you needed

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