Another personal note


Stuck between city lights and a hard place
I lost a lot of friends who were silver tongued and two-faced
Hard truths got me over here losing feeling
All the hurt and scars are becoming to revealing
Being dysfunctional was never the goal
Thinking back to where it all started
I blame the one who broke the heart they stole
Now I’m too guarded to be outsmarted
Not to mention incredibly naïve and indecisive
Daydreaming about having a legitimate reason to live
They told me I have a destiny to fulfill but not where to begin
As a result I’m on my knees praying again
Begging the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to give me a clue
Just something to keep me hopeful and going
A set of instructions on what I’m so supposed to do
Directions to some answers from the All Knowing

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