Former Friend

I love how you acted like being nice was a privilege
The one who was never there to talk to me off the ledge
But claimed you’d always be there if I ever needed to talk
The one who wouldn’t even make plans to go on a walk
I admit I might’ve overreacted when I said we weren’t friends
I probably should’ve just let some of our issues go
But sometimes good things really do come to an end
So I spoke my mind just so you would know
All that talk about God and being a Christian
All that talk about trying to do better again
I’m still not convinced, I still don’t see it
Maybe you should just be honest with yourself and quit
Conversations about making a change and doing what’s right
Yet you stay away from places that aren’t predominately white
Not to mention all the apologies I’ve still yet to receive
Not that you’re the type to take the high road when you leave

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