Advice for good people

What does it take to be good
What are the requirements for righteousness
Who is innocent in the Lord’s eyes
Who is upright and just

Is the road to righteousness easy
Is faith in God easily obtained
Is always doing good a simple task
Is innocence given or gained

No, the road is very hard
The path to life is very narrow
That is why few ever find it
And even more choose not to go

But you say, I’m trying!
I am doing all I can
You say, No one is perfect
For we are all but Man

But are you truly committed to doing good
Are you eager to show love to others
Are you an acquaintance or a true friend
One who sticks closer than a brother

Open your eyes child of God
Open your ears servant of the Most High
Keep the Lord’s ways hidden in your heart
And do not be like those who hate and lie


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