Poems For You


Unable to keep myself from writing, I’ve decided to continue to post poetry but I also want to write poems for you all. So if you want a poem written for you leave a comment on this post and I will checkout your page, write a poem just for you and post it. I hope to hear from you soon!

Best, Chris

P.S. There’s no time limit on this

5 thoughts on “Poems For You”

  1. Congrats on getting published! It’s just a shame you can’t post as well. However, I love that you’ve opened yourself up to keep writing in this unique way. If you felt the urge to write a poem for me, I’d be silly to refuse it; so if you feel up to it, you can write me one!

    1. Oh no, I haven’t been published yet. I’m still trying. But thank you in advance. Lol I will start working on your poem right now.

      1. Thank you. I finished and posted your poem. I really hope you like it. You’re the first one I’ve had the honor of writing for.

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